I have already a fistful of good songs and I am working in some others.

It is soon yet to say when will be released, but perhaps by the end of 2009 or early in 2010. Again music will be very varied. From industrial modern parts to epic orchestral melodies.

Very Soulitudeish.


Finally “Destroy All Humans” has been released.

For the last couple of years I’ve been busy working hard on this side project solo album. Too much effort, blood and sweat put on it. So I encourage you to download and listen to this new FREE awesome online Heavy Metal masterpiece.


Last spring I had the idea of creating a song for my football team, the mighty Athletic Of Bilbao. I began working on the song just for fun, but I think it is good enough for you to listen. It is created from some samples recorded in the stadium. The style is more industrial or tecno-metal-like.

I hope you enjoy it. Aupa Athletic!

Soulitude - Athletic XXIClick to enlarge

Esta pasada primavera quise hacer un pequeño homenaje a mi club de fútbol, el Athletic de Bilbao, que no pasa por los mejores momentos de su historia. Empezó como una chorradilla y al final, visto el resultado, creo que es digno de que lo podais escuchar. Está compuesto básicamente sobre unos samples de la afición en San Mamés y es un rollo más industrial o tecnometal que lo que hago habitualmente.

Espero que lo disfrutéis. Aupa Athletic!

Recording sessions

Today we have started the recording sessions and I hope Jowy can finish his vocal parts this weeks. Next weeks rest of vocals, guitars and  bass guitars will be tracked, and finally drums.

This is just the other way round but it is impossible to do it right!

Another album in 2007!!!

There will be another work released in 2007.

Almost 100% of the music is written and now it is time to start writing the lyrics. This time it won’t be a conceptual album. Music is more fresh and up-to-date, less epic but more solid and powerfull. I’ve been in contact with a couple of musicians for the vocals and drums and  I hope to start recording in spring so the album may be ready at the end of spring or summer.

There won’t be so many singers as in the first album because I’d like to have fix members so Soulitude can became also a live band and not only studio project.

Cover artwork is going to be done again by Xabier Amezaga, that is also the webmaster of this site

About the Guestbook

There have been some problems with the guestbook in the last weeks.

We’ve got lot of spam, those fucking stupid asswipes try to advertise their crap in other websites. Therefore we have to clean up every single spam message one by one, and sometimes, some of your messages have been deleted accidentally or misteriously.

So, we want to apoligize for this trouble and we’ll try to make another Guestbook free of spam. I swear you that if I ever meet a spamming bastard, I will kill him with my own hands making him eat his own testicles until he gets suffocated.

So it is written, so it shall be done.

1,000 downloads, yeee-haw! Thank you so much.

We’ve got some things to tell you. First of all, you should know that soon it will be a little shop-online.

There will be full-colour homemade collector limited edition CD’s with serial number. Only 100 in whole galaxy and far away!. And only 5 Euros per copy It is not a purchase, it is a present! And there will be also t-shirt for men and women (still no price available). So, be patient and prepare your money 😉

On the other hand, 4 reviews have been published, and I am glad to say that all of them are really good. I hope I find some more. If you have found a review that is not mentioned on this site, please, send us an e-mail.

This are the reviews, you can click to read them:

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