Name: Ignacio Garamendi “Jevo”
Birth date:
Bilbao (Basque Country)
Actually living:
Getxo (Basque Country)
  El Reno Renardo

SOULITUDE is a side Project of JEVO (EL RENO RENARDO), created in 2004 just for the fun of songwriting. It is kinda one-man band, in which Jevo does almost all the work except for guest solos and singers. Sited in a town close to Bilbao (Basque Country-Spain).
There are many elements from different metal subgenres like Thrash, Power or even Indsutrial. Fast, powerful but also melodic lines. Double kicks, fast riffs, tons of guitars and synths. Sung by different underground vocalists worldwide, giving it a Opera-Rock-like atmosphere, with Sci-Fi lyrics most of the time.
Jevo plays guitars, bass, writes drums and synths while main vocals are sung by Lorenzo Mutiozabal (NIGHTFEAR). There are always guest musicians which give it a kind of Opera Rock vibe.
Albums distribution is free and downloadable from its website and also digitally distributed in common platforms through Maldito Records. Some few CD s were manufactured for collectors.