Finally REQUIEM FOR A DEAD PLANET is out… Almost a year of delay but the wait is worth it!

People from different bands and different countries made this album possible:

Loren Mutiozabal (NIGHTFEAR), Max Morton (MORTON), Mikel Martinez (EL RENO RENARDO), Carlos Alvarez (SHADOWDANCE), Jagoba Ormaetxea (JARE, J.O PROJECT), James Stephenson (THE BLACK STYMPHALIAN), Marco Cudan (HARPIA DEIIS), Felix Neumann (MASS MIND BREEDING), Ian Giedrojc (NIHIL QUEST), Javi Mesa, Alain Concepción.

Soulitude - Requiem For A Dead PlanetClick to enlarge

The album has been brilliantly mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio in Ukraine and artwork is been created again by the talented artist Xabier Amezaga.

Enjoy it.

NEWS: Due to an agreement with Red Rivet Records to release the album in several countries, this album will not be free anymore.

You can buy digital album it on Bandcamp (

There will be phisical copies of the album released next summer.


I have already a fistful of good songs and I am working in some others.

It is soon yet to say when will be released, but perhaps by the end of 2009 or early in 2010. Again music will be very varied. From industrial modern parts to epic orchestral melodies.

Very Soulitudeish.


Last spring I had the idea of creating a song for my football team, the mighty Athletic Of Bilbao. I began working on the song just for fun, but I think it is good enough for you to listen. It is created from some samples recorded in the stadium. The style is more industrial or tecno-metal-like.

I hope you enjoy it. Aupa Athletic!

Soulitude - Athletic XXIClick to enlarge

Esta pasada primavera quise hacer un pequeño homenaje a mi club de fútbol, el Athletic de Bilbao, que no pasa por los mejores momentos de su historia. Empezó como una chorradilla y al final, visto el resultado, creo que es digno de que lo podais escuchar. Está compuesto básicamente sobre unos samples de la afición en San Mamés y es un rollo más industrial o tecnometal que lo que hago habitualmente.

Espero que lo disfrutéis. Aupa Athletic!