1,000 downloads, yeee-haw! Thank you so much.

We’ve got some things to tell you. First of all, you should know that soon it will be a little shop-online.

There will be full-colour homemade collector limited edition CD’s with serial number. Only 100 in whole galaxy and far away!. And only 5 Euros per copy It is not a purchase, it is a present! And there will be also t-shirt for men and women (still no price available). So, be patient and prepare your money 😉

On the other hand, 4 reviews have been published, and I am glad to say that all of them are really good. I hope I find some more. If you have found a review that is not mentioned on this site, please, send us an e-mail.

This are the reviews, you can click to read them:

Metalstorm (9,2/10) (English)

Rafabasa (8/10) (Spanish)

Herriko Burdina (8,5/10) (Basque)

Metal Zone (9/10) (English)

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